Announcements, Events and Other News

Selling Logs from your Property – A comprehensive educational symposium for landowners ­– Deming (Whatcom County), September 18 and 19, 2015

Selling logs is one of the most important decisions you face as a landowner. Arm yourself with information to organize a timber sale that meets your objectives, is profitable, and safe for your woodlot. Read more about this symposium

Women Owning Woodlands Adaptive Management Field Tour – Sedro Woolley (Skagit County) October 3, 2015

Join Women Owning Woodlands on a field tour through different thinning regimes that can help you to manage your property for increased wildlife while still making money. This tour will be led by Women Owning Woodlands member and US Forest Service Forester, Samantha Chang. Read more about this tour

Forest Health Training for Natural Resource Professionals – The Dalles, Oregon, October 7, 2015.  Contact Todd Murray at 509-773-2387 or email at

Tree Planting Workshop for Women – Sedro Woolly (Skagit County), November 17, 2015

Learn how to prepare your site, pick the right trees, decide how many trees to plant, and how to maintain the seedlings with Julie Sackett, Women Owning Woodland member and DNR Forester. Read more about this workshop.

Forest Owners Field Day – East Sound (San Juan Islands), September 26, 2015

This out-in-the-woods, family-friendly event will allow you to attend five or six different outdoor classes and workshops on topics like tree planting, weed control, thinning, tree diseases, mushroom-growing, and much more. Read more about this event.

Forest Stewardship Coached Planning

If you own wooded property, our flagship course will teach you how to assess your trees, avoid insect and disease problems, and attract wildlife. State experts will help you develop your own Forest Stewardship Plan to keep your woods on track to provide enjoyment and income for years to come.