Forest Stewardship Notes

Forest Stewardship Notes is a joint effort by Washington State University Extension Forestry and the DNR Small Forest Landowner Office.

Washington State University Extension

WSU Extension Forestry engages people, organizations and communities to advance knowledge and economic well being and quality of life by fostering inquiry, learning, and the application of research.

For more information, contact:
Andy Perleberg, WSU Extension Forestry Team Leader, andyp@wsu.edu, 509-667-6540

DNR Small Forest Landowner Office

The DNR Small Forest Landowner Office promotes the economic and ecological viability of small forest landowners, and seeks to develop policies that conserve Washington’s privately owned non-industrial forests. Recognizing the significant contributions small landowners make to protecting Washington’s public natural resources, the office strives to equip landowners with all the necessary tools and information they need to keep their land in forestry use.

For more information, contact:
DNR Small Forest Landowner Office, sflo@dnr.wa.gov, 360-902-1400

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