New publications

EM-044EM044 – Diversifying Forest Structure to Promote Wildlife Biodiversity in Western Washington Forests
If wildlife biodiversity is one of your goals for your forest, you many enjoy this publication. It is available for free download from WSU Extension, and you can also order hard copies for a nominal printing fee.

PNW630 – Basic Forest Inventory Techniques for Family Forest Owners
This is a publication that I have been working on with several colleagues for five years. It fills a big gap in our written curriculum by providing a comprehensive guide to measuring trees. It includes diagrams, photos, links to online videos, and step-by-step instructions and applications for a variety of forest measurement tools. It also includes site index curves, Tarif tables, and volume tables—everything you need to do a good inventory of your forest.

Because of the large size of the publication, it is only available in hard copy. We were able to get a good deal on printing though, so the price is a reasonable $12 per copy (about a third of what I was expecting). Order your copy hot off the press online.

By Kevin W. Zobrist, WSU Regional Extension Specialist, Forest Stewardship
serving Snohomish, Skagit, King, and Island counties