Announcements, Events and Other News

(If you are reading a paper copy of this newsletter, links for these events can be found at the WSU Extension Forestry website: )

Forest and Range Owners Field Days

These out-in-the-woods, family-friendly events allow you to attend five or six different outdoor classes and workshops on topics like tree planting, weed control, thinning, tree diseases, mushroom-growing, and much more…


Forest Stewardship Coached Planning

If you own wooded property, our flagship course will teach you how to assess your trees, avoid insect and disease problems, and attract wildlife. State experts will help you develop your own forest stewardship plan to keep your woods on track to provide enjoyment and income for years to come.


Reducing Wildfire Risk to your Western Washington Home in the Woods

This online presentation from WSU Extension discusses which techniques are most effective in reducing wildfire risk to western Washington homes in wooded areas. It is primarily intended to help small acreage forest owners and other rural homeowners understand what preventative actions they can take to reduce the chances that their home will burn in the event of a wildfire. It is also appropriate for interested citizens who would like to learn more about wildfire issues in wildland-urban interface zones.
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Ties to the Land classes are coming your way next winter!

Your land will outlive you. Who will care for it when you’re gone? Will it be a family legacy or a family squabble? Will it be kept intact and protected, or will it be divided up and sold off in pieces? Will it become a source of conflict between surviving family members? What is the long-term future that you want for your property? This succession planning workshop explores these questions and others using the award-winning Ties to the Land curriculum. Contact your local WSU Extension office and watch for registration information at