Meet the Women-Owning-Woodlands Network


The Washington Chapter of the Women Owning Woodlands Network (WOWnet) is a dynamic, fun, and informative program that strives to bring topical, accessible, and current forestry information to woman woodland owners and forest practitioners. We support women in forest leadership, women who manage their own woodlands, and all who facilitate the stewardship of forests. Utilizing tools such as news articles, blogs, events, resources, and personal stories we strive to instill a sense of confidence and empowerment in women’s abilities to meet the challenges of forest ownership.

We invite women who own or manage forestland to join the conversation on our WOWnet email list. The email list is also our communication tool. On the list we discuss what your needs and interests are as a female woodland owner in order to develop educational programming and experiences that directly relate to the care, needs, and management of your woodland.

Discussions are started by posting questions, answers to questions, comments, event suggestions or requests, invitations, or anything else you would like to share with the group. As a network, we are seeking interested women to become part of this opportunity to create a community, and serve as mentors and friends to other women woodland owners across the North Puget Sound Region.

Past events have included a property tour with wine and chili, plant sale shopping, and our “what we want” potluck.  Future events include a planting workshop for women and an adaptive management tour.

Interested in joining the e-mail list and receiving announcements about upcoming WOWnet events?  Visit wownet website or contact Lauren Grand, WSU Extension Forestry Program Coordinator, 425-357-6023 or

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By Lauren Grand, WSU Extension Forestry Program Coordinator,