Lumber and Log Price Forecast

lumber prices
Lumber prices have increased substantially since they bottomed out at
$156/mbf in January 2009. The lumber prices shown on the chart are from Random Length’s Coast Dry Random and Stud price series.

According to DNR’s Economic and Revenue Forecast for the second quarter of FY 2015 (published November 2014), lumber and log prices were up in 2013 and continue to improve. While it varied widely, Random Lengths’ Coast Dry Random and Stud composite lumber price averaged $370/mbf in 2013 and has averaged $377/mbf thus far in 2014, up over 20 percent from the 2012 average of $309/mbf. Pacific Northwest log prices have also moved up sharply after being fairly flat for 2011 and most of 2012. The price for a ‘typical’ DNR log delivered to the mill continued to climb from 2013’s $564/mbf average, already up 18 percent from 2012, to a nominal high of $624/mbf in January, the highest price since 2000. However, the average price has since pulled back to $587/mbf as of October.