New Book—Native Trees of Western Washington

A new forestry book will be available starting in late November: Native Trees of Western Washington – A Photographic Guide. Written and photographed by WSU Extension Forestry Professor Kevin Zobrist, this book provides a comprehensive guide to all 32 species of trees that grow natively on the west side of the Evergreen State, from the saltwater beaches to the crest of the Cascades, and from common species to the rare and isolated. Over 200 color photographs detail each tree’s physical features, including leaves, bark, flowers, fruits, and cones. Information is given on tree identification, where different species can be found, origins of species names, and both traditional and modern uses of the trees. The book describes key attributes and growth characteristics of each species, including size, rooting habit, and tolerances (e.g. shade, wet soils, disease). The book presents western Washington’s native tree species from a forester’s perspective, with the goal of building an appreciation for the uniqueness, grandeur, and ecological roles of our trees and forests.

The book is expected to be available for purchase directly from the publisher (WSU Press) by November 23rd: or 509-335-3518. It will be available from retailers in late December or early January. It is already available for pre-order from two retailers, and Barnes and Noble

The author will be doing several native tree presentations and book signings around western Washington. Books will be available for sale at each event for the list price of $18.95 (plus tax), or people are welcome to bring their own pre-purchased copies. The first event is November 15, where 24 copies from an advance shipment will be available for purchase. Book proceeds go to support the WSU Extension Forestry education program.

Presentation and Book Signing Dates:

  • November 15 – Whidbey Island
  • December 3 – Bellevue
  • December 4 – Everett
  • January 9 – Forks

Get more information about these events from WSU Extension or call 425-357-6017

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