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Upcoming Classes from WSU Extension 

Ties to the Land – Succession Planning for Landowners: This award-winning curriculum was developed by estate planning experts at Oregon State University Extension and the Austin Family Business Program. The workshop focuses on maintaining family ties to the land from generation to generation, building awareness of key challenges facing family businesses, and motivating families to address those challenges. For more information on registration, visit WSU Extension online or call: 509-667-6540

  • November 9 — WSU Spokane County Extension, Spokane
  • November 16 — Seneca Conference Room, Dayton
  • November 16 — Goldendale Community Library, Goldendale
  • December 7 — Whistler Restaurant, Tonasket
  • December 14 — Kittitas County Event Center/Fairgrounds, Ellensburg

Hands-On Forest Health Workshops: Designed to give landowners hands-on experience identifying and measuring factors that affect a forest’s health. Participants will learn how to recognize forest problems and how to manage their forest so that it is resistant to insects and diseases.  For more information about registration, visit WSU Extension online or call 509-667-6540

  • November 2 — Chelan County Fire District 3, Leavenworth

Forest Owners Winter School:  Come in out of the snow for a day with other forest land owners and choose from over 20 classes to attend. Subjects range from forest health, wildlife, and silviculture to hands-on chainsaw safety and maintenance. Loggers will get up to 6.0 CEUs. For more information on registration, visit WSU Forestry Extension online or call 509-667-6540

  • February 1, 2014, Community College Center, Colville

Forest Stewardship Coached Planning: Our flagship class will teach you how to assess your trees, avoid insect and disease problems, attract wildlife, and develop your own Forest Stewardship Plan to keep your forest on track to provide enjoyment and income for years to come.

WSU Extension online courses:

  • Forests and Water Resources in Western Washington: An overview of how forests relate to important water resources in Western Washington. Topics include the water cycle and watersheds, the role of forests in stormwater management, riparian forest functions and regulations, wetland functions and regulations, and best practices for protecting and enhancing water resources. More information.
  • Forest Soils: This course includes two modules — Introduction to Forest Soils, and Forest Soils and Management Planning. More information
  • Western Washington Weeds in the Woods: A three-part course designed for small forest owners and others seeking to control problem plants in wooded areas. More information