Forest Owners Field Days top 10,000 attendees

Jim Freed at Field Day
WSU Extension Forester Jim Freed at a recent Family Forest Owners Field Day. Photo: Carol Mack/WSU

This summer, Washington’s Forest Owners Field Day program achieved a major milestone.

We’re not sure who it was, but one of the landowners who attended the 2012 Western Washington Forest Owners Field Day this past August 18 became the 10,000th person to attend these very popular regional events since their inception in 1996.

WSU Extension and DNR, working closely with several other public and private sponsors, have jointly conducted these popular out-in-the-woods regional educational events at nearly 30 venues across the state, including interstate events with Idaho and Oregon.

Events are already tentatively in the works for Western Washington, Eastern Washington, and Northern Idaho for summer 2013. We’ll have the details for you as the 2013 Field Day season approaches.

And, as always, you can find the latest information on educational programs for family forest owners throughout the year at: